Can we see Cubasis' future update list ?

@Crohde seems to have the experience to know it takes a long time to develop an app towards perfection.

I would like to know if any idea I had would be worth sharing on the forum in terms of future Cubasis features.

I feel as if the future of Cubasis is already mapped out at least for a few years to come…? :unamused:

Hi Dave,

At the moment I can only say that the 1.8 update will be the long awaited automation feature-set.
Our product strategy is to keep the updates coming to satisfy the needs of our user base while setting the bar of mobile music making higher with each update.
We do have a plan (based on user requests) but that plan is flexible to be able to react to new technologies (Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, etc.) or user-reported problems.

Thanks for the response Carlos.

I am looking forward to the Automation update for sure.

Are you aware Audiobus 2 is on its way soon with a new state saving feature ?

I think this feature would be great with Cubasis :slight_smile:

Of course! It’s on our list. :wink:


i wonder if they ever fix some real strange behaviors :

  1. undo stops playback
  2. changes in the midi editor are only taken into accout after restarting playback

you sound like a broken record,sorry :wink:

Pressing the stop button from time to time to solve this"problems"is really not a big deal imo.At least there’s an easy"fix"for this behavior.Cubasis had WAY bigger problems but god bless,most of them are solved with the last update.

THIS is a real problem cause it prevent me from further,more precise editing often enough:

switching off the grid resolution does NOT really switch it off.Or that"undo"sometimes takes forever.Just some examples…and only my 2c of course.

well to stop playback i’d prefer to use the stop button instead of the undo button :unamused: