Can we still NOT save our MediaBay column settings for later recall?

I’m almost afraid to ask and hear that as of version 13 Pro, this is still not possible.
Use case: I use Cubase/Nuendo for music and voiceover. When using Mediabay to help on a voiceover production, the items I want to see in the Results Columns are very different than when I am working on a music project. After spending all this time choosing the items we want to see listed in the results columns and then arranging their order, is there really no way to save the configuration/view for the Mediabay columns? I was expecting that there would be some way to save user Mediabay columns setups the way we can save and recall configurations/visibility in the Project Window or MixConsole. Seems to me like a huge oversight. Not asking for Mediabay to automatically know which configuration to show us based on a selected folder (though that would be nice!) - just to simply let us save/recall a Results view we worked hard on setting up.
If this is still NOT possible, please vote up this post to get Steinberg’s attention!


You’re right, unfortunately, this feature isn’t yet available in C13 either. But it should be included, so I’ll vote for it.

It worked in in previous versions so I’m shure they messed something up. It was alway a bit buggy but in Cubase 13 it is really broken. I spent a lot of time trying to fix it and got to a state that I can work with.

Try to use Loop Browser or Sound Browser first. They are less buggy and maybe thats enough for you.

If you are ready to spent some more time try to mess with the Defaults file in preferences but do a backup first.

There you can manually rewrite and change everything to your liking but it is a bit tricky because everytime Cubase shuts down it changes the numbers for the areas so backup and replace from one file until you are happy.

First set up Loop Browser and hope that it remembers some colums. Then try to find the Loop Browser area in the Defaults file. Copy and paste only the colums to Media Bay area that you also have to find first. Then save it, make a backup and start Cubase. For me it worked.

A good way to start is to search for “columns” in the Defaults file. There is a Media Bay area that links to a column area using a number. This should be located rather at the end of the list.

Good luck!

And Steinberg, please fix this.

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another thing they broke and never fixed or replaced.

Funny, I was just about to post this as a feature request. I’m using media bay more and more and I just got around to clean up the columns to include only what I needed. Opened up Cubase again, the columns had changed back. What I need to see is also very different depending on what I’m doing so presets for the columns should definitely be the thing.