Can we switch VST track with CC66 CC67 signals without using an extern "midi to key shortcut" soft?

Dear community,

I’m using Cubase 10.5 Pro. On my project, I have 2 different VST tracks (track1: vsti “piano sound”, track2: vsti “violin sound”).
Is-it possible when receiving from my keyboard VPC1 midi CC66 and CC67 signals (or another midi message coming from airturn pedal for example) to generate a vst track switching (the goal is to change track1 selected to track2 selected and vice versa) ?
I have configured “Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track”.

I can’t use a “MIDI Events to key shortcuts” windows software because I also need to get on my main window the pdf sheet fullscreen opened, and on the background I use Cubase for the VST. I would need to have the possibility to switch instrument by midi message to avoid any impacts on my pdf window view (if I use a software, it will impact my pdf sheet screen).

Any help/suggestion ? Some workarounds/tips ?


This might be helpful. Sample presets and project template for setting up a live-gig kind of workflow.

It uses project logical editors combined with key-command macros and a generic remote map to do things like: Arm/disarm tracks. Select project position and reset locators via MIDI Program Change. Etc.


Brian and I will likely give you more than you thought you needed, me more so than Brian.

Here is my setup that does exactly what you want, but… it’s more than you need.