Can we toggle on and off the lower zone?

Is there a way to set a hot key to just toggle the visibility of the lower zone on and off? Right now I have a workspace set with opt+7 to Show me a view without the lower zone, but it would be nice to have a single key to close the lower zone (clicking on a part to open the lower zone is fine).

PS: I’m on a mac.

cmd alt e

Cheers. Thanks!

Though it keeps coming back in the same session. “I’m not dead yet!”.

Do you have your Preferences set so editors open by default in the Lower Zone?

Hi raino!


  1. Double Click Opens Editor
  2. Open Editor Commands open Editors in a Window

Should I be looking somewhere else also, or maybe these aren’t right?


No, that’s correct & nothing elsewhere that I know of. I’m set that way and the Lower Zone only opens when I ask it to. When it re-opens is it always to the same thing (e.g. Key Ed) or does it vary? Any particular circumstances (e.g. when you silly walk)?

Thanks for your probing questions that made me troubleshoot. No silly walks here. I opened a new thread: .