Can/Will there be 'Club Nuendo' like 'Club Cubase' in YouTube?

I understand that Club Cubase covers many if not most of the features of Nuendo.

But for the Nuendo only features, can’t there be a Club Nuendo series in the YouTube channel of Nuendo?



There’s a live club Cubase starting in 25 minutes… :wink:

True :disappointed_relieved:

There should (have been ever since)!

Still no Club Nuendo whereas Club Cubase is happening soon again.

Nuendo users are kind of a different group,

I would suggest you check in with Greg Ondo at the next Club Cubase, and let him know your interest in this. Who knows, maybe if there was enough interest, he could work some Nuendo tips into the session.

Are there features about which you are especially curious?

Thank you.

Yes. Basically all the features that are Nuendo exclusive. For example, ADR, Reconform, Superior Surround, Superior Ambisonics, and so on.



I only want to join club nintendo if there are special hats to wear at the meetings


Update, I did question Mr Greg Ondo and he replied here.


Ooops! I misunderstood what the “Club concept” was. Having watched this video, I don’t like it! Too many Mmms and Ahhms! Very distracting!

I’d prefer “tutorials” on the various “Nuendo” aspects. Greg’s tutorials are excellent!

I can feel what you are saying. And I can not disagree. However, such long sessions with proper index, like the attachment, can be incredibly resourceful too.

O.K. It’s worth a look, but I’ll have to scroll through the index to see if there’s anything I need, whereas, a tutorial that’s headed, “How To Open Nuendo”, tells me immediately that I need it.