Can you adjust volume after automation?


I have a very basic and ‘stupid’ question but I was wondering if any one can help me.

After setting volume automation, the channel fader becomes locked because it reads the automation lines.

This is great and all but if I still need to make some volume adjustments, can you raise or lower the volume of the entire channel along with the written automation still intact?


Personally, a quick fix is to add a compressor to the channel. If need be, I adjust it so that it’s not compressing and use the “make up volume” to add volume to the entire track without interupting the automation. If the “make up volume” is defeated, the volume drops a little but it’s much harder to subtract volume with this technique.
Another way would be to route the track in question through a group channel where you would not only have full volume control but anything else you could add to the group track.