can you assign key command to Midi Record Modes?

I’m constantly switching between ‘New Parts’ and “Merge” in the Midi Record Mode menu at the bottom right of the project window. Is there any way to assign a key command to those? I don’t see them in the menus or in key commands anywhere.

Nevermind, found it. You can only toggle through the options with a key command.

There is actually a way to toggle between two record modes :wink:

First you assign a Keystroke (W) to Transport>Record Mode.

Then create a macro:
Record Mode
Record Mode
and assign a different keystroke (Shift-W) to it:

Now, by virtue of there being three possible modes, you can toggle between two of them.

Start with, hit W to switch to Merge, and shift-W returns you to Replace.

A cool thing about it is that you can switch between any two modes depending which one you start with.