Can you assign new keys for a keyswitch?


In Halion SE in cubase 7, playing with the Symphonic Orchestra, I was wondering if there is a way to reassign what keys affect the key switches ( legato, sticatto, trills, etc). My problem is my lowest key on my keyboard is E but it looks like the keyswitches start around an A lower.

I was hoping to be able to reassign the lower ones to higher keys so I can use them while I play instead of having to go edit and add them afterwards in a separate track. I noticed if I click them with the mouse while I play that doesn’t work. (And makes it tough to play).


I think I figured it out. I was looking in the HALion SO manual thinking it was something to adjust in the instrument, but it turns out I found more info on it in the Cubase Manual. I haven’t tried it yet but I think that’s what I was looking to do.

In the event anyone reading this was looking for the answer - it’s in pages 555 - 557 of the Cubase manual under Expression maps.

Expression maps can be mangled to do lots of cool stuff, but I’m surprised HS doesn’t at least have the KS assignment option. I know for sure H5 does.

Yeah, I’m able to edit the map on the track in Cubase. I have to mess around with it a bit though.

One odd thing I noticed is sometimes I’ll record a take or two and then all of a sudden it will play with the “trill” applied which is a Key switch that is under the ones I set up and under my lowest key (E0) so I have to go in with the mouse to un-trigger it. I’m not sure what’s up with that. The obvious solution I’m going to try will be to delete any Key switches that I’m not using so they don’t mysteriously get triggered.

The way I’ve been doing it, I have to import the one (map?) setup for the instrument and edit from there. I’m thinking once I have what I want figured out I can save it and then load that edited one in the future to seve the time re-seting it up. At least that’s what it’s seeming like in theory, we’ll see what happens when I try it with no helmet. haha!

I’m open to any suggestions on an easier/better way to do it.


Remember the map shows what had been setup for the instrument patch.
You have to assign the sampler (HS) 1st. Then map accordingly.