Can You Carry a Previous Cubase Version Template Over to Cubase 9?

Can you take a template that you set up in Cubase 8.5 or less and load it into Cubase 9 without any lost features? Its a simple question, for which I think I know the answer, but I wanted to make sure since my template is running a little slow.

Or is it recommended to re-setup your template in the new version of Cubase from scratch (NOT talking about making some changes to the template like adding frequency into the template, but a total rebuild)?

I carried my templates over from 8.5 without any problems.

I carried some of my templates from Cubase 6 to 9 (and every version between them). No problems at all.

I also recommend saving a copy of all your templates as regular .cpr project files as a backup (and then backup those of course).

Thanks all! Good advice.