Can you change samplerate to 96k (for vocal recording) without converting all my audio..?

So I do not want to convert up the sample rate then downsample later.

My goal:

  • Record vocal and guitar in 96k
  • Then downsample later when I start mixing*

So rough draft of beat is ready, but I do not want to convert those audio samples etc, u see?
Because I will downsample back anyway… just want my vocal recording to be 96k recorded!

Is this possible??

I don’t think there is a fast way of this… just recording 96k but leaving everything 48k… (drum samples and audio samples are 48 anyway, no point of upsampling them u know)

Just wondering! Also cause I do not want to duplicate data and waste my storage!
Many record in 96k and downsample and this is something I want to try this time :slight_smile:



If you would use 96kHz dukes in 48kHz project, the samples would play in the half speed and one octave down.

Thank you Mr.Jirsak, I just converted everything hehe :slight_smile:
48 to 96 since the project is fairly small (under 1gb).

Thank you!