Can you change the input channel ID?

Is there a possibility to order or assign another track number to the input / output channels in the mixer?
I’d like to move them left or right for a better configuration.


The Input/Output Channels order follows the order in the VST/Audio Connections Inputs/Outputs window. There you can’t change the order unfortunately.

Would be nice to add it as a feature then…

WHile you can’t change the order of appearance of I/O channels in the mixer,
you can hide any of these channels, and you can assign them to the
left pane/centre pane/right pane.
You can also remove them from the main mixer view, and show them
in Mixconsole 2,3 or 4…

Not what you’re looking for, but some manipulation is possible…

Thanx. Left / Center / Right is clear, I use this to divide Busses, I/Os etc.
But I never used the assignment to other Mixing Windows. Good Point

BTW I just deleted the first Input and made a new one, now I have the order I want.