Can you change the "mouse click + modifier" -functions?

Good evening all. I have been doing some major enhancements to my custom keyboard shortcuts. The way things are being layed out it would actually make more sence for me to swap the ‘option’ and ‘command’ -key functions on what they perform with the mouse clicks/scrolls! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Currently holding option will substitute the main tool to an auxiliary tool depending on the position (scissors, pencil), while holding command and scrolling the mouse will zoom in/out. I would like these functions to be set the opposite way so that alt+scroll will zoom, and command+mouse click will perform the scissors/pencil tool!
If such a modification can be set up, can the alt+drag function (holding option and dragging events will duplicate stuff) still remain as it is?
This would really buff up my set up!
Thanks in advance for any tips and advice!


You can change the modifiers in the Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers. But you cannot change the scroll functions.

Thanks! This didn’t quite solve my request, but you did point me in a nice direction. Lots of options on this Tool Modifier -preferences tab.

In the menu, under “select tool”, there is indeed the “split events” that I can change from the option key to the command key. Still there is no actions there that describe the pencil tool. When hovering over events it should show the split (or scissors) and hovering over anything else will show the pencil so that you can draw notes/events. So how do I change this? So far I haven’t found it.