Can you checck if a sound is in your Halon sonic SE please

Hi all

I’m following a new Cubase 7 course on macprovideo and when they demo the sound browser, they deliberately set the instruments to just Halon Sonic SE so that the user (me) sees exactly the same as what they see.

However I don’t :slight_smile:

In the sound browser (after resetting the browser filters) they select:

Synth Pad for the category
Motion for the sub category
HALion Sonic SE for the Instrument.

On my screen at this point the sound browser tells me I have 25 matches, on the macprovideo course screen it has 40.

They then select the sound “Black Forest” which isn’t there at all for me.
They then select “Changing Places” that is there for me
Before finally deciding on “Dark Sun” which isn’t there for me.

It’s not a big deal, its just nice to follow the tutorial exactly and I wondered if I’ve set something up wrong?

Many thanks


(Cubase 7.0.3 64 bit, windows 8)

I asked on Macprovideo and the tutorials author has responded

I inadvertently selected sounds from the optional Dark Planet library of HALion Sonic SE sound libraries. I completely forgot that sounds from that library would still appear in Sound Browser. That was my fault and I apologize for the confusion. In the future, I’ll need to find a way to make patches from those libraries invisible.

Rest assured, however, that your setup is working properly. I verified the results you achieved by searching on my Windows 8 machine and got identical results: 25 presets

Aloha O and thanks for those posts.

That’s good info that might help other users with that same question.
Besides I am a MacProVideo fanboy. Love those guys.