Can you copy a drum kit from Halion Sonic SE3 into Groove Agent SE5?

HALion Sonic SE3 has a drum kit [GM131} Jazz Kit.
I’d like to use it inside Groove Agent SE5.
How do I get that kit from HSSE into GA SE?

I’ve tried the following:

  1. In HALion Sonic, right-click on [GM131} Jazz Kit and Export it. This creates a .vstpreset file on my computer. I also tried Save-As.

  2. In Explorer, I then copied the .vstpreset files into directories that I thought would make them visible to Groove Agent. I tried these two locations:
    C:\Users\broom\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Groove Agent SE
    C:\Users\broom\Documents\Steinberg\Groove Agent SE

  3. In Groove Agent’s Load Panel, the files don’t appear in the list of Kits to load. Actually, that is not entirely true. At one point, the files DID appear but they had a red dash in a circle beside them as though they were faulty in some way, and when I clicked on them, they didn’t load. I can’t reproduce that now - the files don’t appear in the kit list at all - so I can’t provide a screen shot! I’m stumped on why they appeared before. Anyway, when they did appear I couldn’t load them as a kit.

Is it in fact possible to simply export drum kits from HSSE and get them into GA?

I’m hoping someone more experienced with saving presets from one player to another chimes in with an easy way to do this. Until then, there’s a workaround (with the emphasis on work) that might get at what you’d want if nobody shows us an easier way to do this:

Thanks rtorstrick. That’s a great video. However, that is the sort of work I was hoping to avoid! Hopefully someone has an easier way.

My goal is to have a kit in Groove Agent with some brush sounds without buying a jazz expansion pack. The HALion “Jazz Kit” is one such kit, but of course it is not in GA. GA does have a kit with some brush sounds: “Brush Kit + GM”. That will do for my current needs, but it would just be a bonus if I can also get “Jazz Kit” into GA so I can use that too. Given Brush Kit is already in GA, I definitely don’t want to spend a lot of effort to get Jazz Kit into GA.

I have done two things to solve this: first, I bought Jazz Essentials which gave me some of the grooves I was after. I’d have spent forever trying to get those done from scratch.
Then I copied those grooves onto a HALion Sonic SE track with [GM131] Brush Kit and tweaked the grooves from there.
So, rather than move the kit into GA, I found grooves that were close to what I wanted in GA and moved those onto the kit.
I’m all sorted.