Can you copy and paste projects?

Hi to all,

Need to repair my PCs. Have done some backups the correct way via cubase but have still some to do but cannot access the individual files,
I have been able to select entire folders and copy them and paste them to an external drive.
A bit worried though that this will cause cubase to not be able to locate audio or something…
Is this perhaps gonna cause me problems later?

Many thanks for all help!!

I don´t know why the moderator has not told you in your previous thread already, but if you have a close look at the forum headline, you can see, you´re in the german forums. So you might want to consider writing in german, or use the english forum in order to get some more answers.
To answer your question: If all your audio files are in the projects audio folder (and only the files of this one project, and not of any additional projects) there will not be any major problems other than directing Cubase to the new folder.