Can you designate which default MIDI Editor for different VSTi?

Is it possible to set different default MIDI editors for different VSTi?

I know you can change the default one overall, however I jump a lot between Drum Editing and Score Editing and I’d hope that I could configure it so that when I click on the MIDI part it automatically opens the appropriate editor screen.

[DRUMS] Kontact - GGD PIV = Drum Editor
[BASS] Kontact - DjinnBass = Key Editor
[PIANO] Halion6 = Score Editor

No, those settings are global.

In Preferences (not at DAW for exact instructions) you can set it so if a Track has a Drum Map, even a dummy map that does nothing, it will open in the Drum Editor. But I don’t think there is a way to determine which Editor out of 3 to open.

You might be able to create some Project Logical Editor Presets to do this, but then you’d need Key Commands instead of clicking.

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