can you do $99 upgrade to Wavelab 8 from Wavelab El 7?

I think I screwed up… I have Wavelab Elements 7 and I sought to upgrade to Wavelab 8, and downloaded the update from Wavelab 7 to Wavelab 8. I’m screwed, right? I spent $99 and tried upgrading to Wavelab 8 from Wavelab Elements 7 but did I really need Wavelab 7 instead? I think I just wasted my money. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet because I had to order a USB-liscenser as part of the order. So I don’t have a clue whether I messed up or not.

Any thoughts on this?

Your money’s not wasted IMO, but you’ll need a bit more of it to do this upgrade. Just get in touch with Steinberg shop and tell them about the mistake. I’m sure they’ll come up with something, especially since any online purchase (in Europe anyway) can be returned without question for at least several days.

I opted for a download of the WaveLab 8 updater to WaveLab 7. You think I will be able to get a return for this and get my money back, since I don’t own Wavelab 7? (I own Wavelab elements 7…if I knew it would work fine, I’d keep it and plan on using it once I get my USB Lincenser in the mail) I contacted asknet customer service to see what they can do. I’m awaiting their response.