Can you do this Pro Tools editing function in Cubase?

In Pro Tools you can simply highlight any event and move it up or down to other tracks, having it remain at the exact same spot in the timeline. It’s massively useful in editing and speeds things up considerably, so I’m hoping it’s somewhere in Cubase (just one key click after highlighting the event to move the event up or down while maintaining the same spot in the timeline like in Pro Tools, not multiple keyclicks/jump up and down/etc. hahaha). If not I can try to set up a Macro or PLE, though I’m not terribly good at that for more complicated things.

Accel0001 has the answer below. But…why is a click followed by a keystroke better than a Cmd-click followed by a drag?

I think the OP is just asking about moving (click+drag) and not some extra fancy thing like making a whole new copy of the Part.

Yes, that’s what Cmd-click-drag does. The Cmd just keeps the time position from changing when moving the event to a new track. I suppose that would be ctrl-click-drag on windows?

Nudge>Up, Down ?

Sorry my brain did the mac to PC conversion wrong, you’re correct it is CTRL+click+drag but I saw it as ALT+click+drag.

Good question – for me it can be faster and more intuitive in some situations.

I had no idea that was in there, and I’ve been very deep in Cubase for a long time. Thank you.

Damn I never knew about this. There really should be a Nudge submenu is the Edit menu for this. I had no idea this was possible because there’s no menu. Even the nudge palette doesn’t allow for this. Only a Key Command which I’ve now set at Cmd+Up and Cmd+Down since I don’t use those default Key Commands.