Can you edit more than one controller lane at the same time?

I have LASS strings on 1 track and Hollywood Strings on another. Lets say I record a melody line. Now I need to edit midi volume or CC1 or CC11 etc.

I don’t like draw in an expression curve 2 different times. 1 for Lass and 1 for Hollywood strings. How can I draw them both in at the same time? “Shift” something?

No sorry you cannot.

Is there a way then to copy and paste velocity or CC expression lines?


Currently there is no way to achieve this.

You could create a separate MIDI track purely for MIDI CC and send it to multiple MIDI instruments. Just use the output to send to the first instrument and the MIDI sends to duplicate it to other instruments.

Thanks guys.

Copying controller data works perfect with the range tool in the project window.
However you may need to move the controller data from the midi parts to the controller lanes in the controller setup.

Provided that both MIDI tracks are selected when entering the Key Editor, copy/pasting controller data is possible… just make sure that the correct MIDI Part is brought to the front when copying, and then while Pasting.
If when you select the controller data to be copied, you hit “L” on your computer keyboard, it will place the Play Cursor at the beginning of the selection, so you will paste back to that same location on the other Part.

Copying velocities is possible also, but it is a different procedure (not very intuitively, it is done from the Groove Quantize function)…

  1. Not in the Editor, but in the Project window, select the Part whose velocities are to be the reference.
  2. Edit menu>Advanced Quantize>Create Groove Quantize Preset.
    The new Quantize preset now appears at the bottom of the Quantize pop-up menu of the Quantize box in the Project window’s extended Toolbar, but click on the widget on its right. This opens the Quantize dialog (which, in this case, offers slightly different options)…
  3. In the top row of that dialog, set Velocity to 100%, and the other settings to zero.
  4. Select the destination MIDI Part, then click on “Quantize” (don’t worry, you have just set “Position” to zero, so the notes won’t move, they will just adopt the velocities of the source Part)

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