Can you edit other "Library Content" in H4?

I recently bought HALion Sonic. There are some programs in the HALion Sonic SE libraries that I thought I would be able to get into and edit. For example, the program called “Dynamic Mini” in the HSSE Artist Library. In HALion Sonic, I thought I would be able to go into the layer and change, for example, the “Random Pan” setting and if I wanted to adjust the key tracking, etc… But, when the layer is selected, you just get the “skin” editor that is the same as in HSSE. Does HALion 4 give you more editing power over these libraries or do you still just get the instrument level “skin” editor?
BTW, don’t worry, I didn’t buy HS just for this. Still liking it very much. Just wondering if upgrading to H4 might give me the ability to edit these sounds.

you can edit with every available function within H4 but you can not open the preset samples in wavelab to modify the samples . It’s still pretty amazing what you can do with them , you can still add layers and of course anything you add to that preset with your samples can be edited in wavelab :wink:

Nice! I am a big fan of the HALion line (even HSSE). There are some really good programs in there that just need more ability to control and adjust. Some (other companies) products are filled with thousands of “filler” patches. Sometimes I think they just hit “Randomize” 1000 times and call it a library. Not true with the HALion lines. Good sounding patches in general. I just find myself wanting to edit a little more which H4 seems to cover. Now, if I can just find another $99…