Can you explain me: vertical text and object to a note

I do a lot of class handouts too. It’s totally up to you, but here’s how I would do it with a minimum of manual positioning. There are no text frames or page overrides either. (The file will also play back correctly too, if you need a similar setup for dictation.)

  1. Numbers at the beginning of the system are rehearsal letters that are automatically positioned correctly at the beginning of the system. I just posted how to do that a couple of days ago in this thread.
  2. Scale degree numbers below are lyrics. Right-click a lyric with an accidental, then select Edit Single Lyric to add the correct accidental symbol.
  3. I used hidden notes to automatically force the lyric positioning, which I left visible in View so you can see what I did. In Engrave/Properties select Hide Notehead, Hide Stem, Hide Ledger Lines, and manually hide the accidental if needed. Line #3 will play back fine as well as I suppressed playback of the lower note I used to position the line.
  4. The blanks to be filled in on the 2nd system are just two em dashes with the letter spacing adjusted in Edit Single Lyric to bring them together. Do it once, then copy it where needed.
  5. The scale letters at the beginning of the systems are just Shift-X text, which was then manually positioned in Engrave. I leave Engraving Options / Text / Avoid Collisions turned off, but I have a keyboard shortcut and StreamDeck button to activate it for any individual text items. I find I get better spacing just activating it only where I want. Those scale letters are really the only elements that were manually positioned in the entire image posted above as everything else was automatic.
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