Can you export music in galley view?

Hi guys!
I am wondering can you export your sheet music as graphic files in galley view but not in page view?
I want to do that for editing a scrolling sheet music in my cover video.
If there is any way to do that please let me know, thank you guys.

Welcome to the forum! I don’t believe you can export what’s displayed in galley view, but you could set up your layout with custom page dimensions to recreate the effect - that is, a very, very wide and not very tall page.


Just video the screen while it’s playing?

That’s a neat idea, @benwiggy — should be easy to do!

this is exactly how I usually do it. The best thing about it? I can engrave for my score videos, so the music REALLY fits the format.

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Both ways work fine. Also see this thread, might be good to know if you are going for the export graphic slice method. Size limit of graphic slice?

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I’m trying to get this to work, but I can’t. I went into Layout Options and configured Size=Custom, Width=2000mm, Height=300mm, Orientation=Landscape. When I look at my score in Print mode, it does look sort-of-right, albeit with a ton of white space. I can’t figure out how to tell Dorico a custom page size for printing (the option is grayed out), but at least my entire score is there:

But when I export as PNG or TIFF, only the first third of the score gets printed; the rest is missing (this shown in the Finder’s preview):

If I open the PNG up in a graphics program, I see no notation at all.

What am I doing wrong?

First: don’t worry about the ‘shape’ of the page in Print preview. It can’t display custom sizes, but that isn’t a problem for what gets exported.

Both TIFF and PNG have maximum file size limits, though I don’t think you’re up against them, as you’ve only got a little over a million pixels. I’d use Mono instead of Color, though.

I would try exporting as a PDF, and then converting in a graphic program.

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Thanks @benwiggy. I just tried this, and yes, it does work. Exporting to monochromatic PDF works as intended, then using Apple’s Preview to Export as PNG works. Thanks!

Small issue that I had actually been hoping to export the music transparently so I could do something visually interesting with a background, but I may be asking too much. :slight_smile: Or I can probably manually do this in a graphics program by making all white pixels transparent.

You can apply a background to a PDF image easily. The ‘white’ isn’t white.

TBH, I’d recommend ‘keeping it vector’ if you’re going to do any graphic processing of the image.