Can you export music in galley view?

Hi guys!
I am wondering can you export your sheet music as graphic files in galley view but not in page view?
I want to do that for editing a scrolling sheet music in my cover video.
If there is any way to do that please let me know, thank you guys.

Welcome to the forum! I don’t believe you can export what’s displayed in galley view, but you could set up your layout with custom page dimensions to recreate the effect - that is, a very, very wide and not very tall page.


Just video the screen while it’s playing?

That’s a neat idea, @benwiggy — should be easy to do!

this is exactly how I usually do it. The best thing about it? I can engrave for my score videos, so the music REALLY fits the format.

Both ways work fine. Also see this thread, might be good to know if you are going for the export graphic slice method. Size limit of graphic slice?

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