Can you glue 2 clips in elements 7?

Can you glue 2 clips in elements 7 to make 1 clip, so that in the montage window you can make the two clips be one CD track?
or is there a workaround? thanks
if that makes sense…

you cannot glue two clips, but placing them in the same track makes them a burnable CD. You can anyway resize them, click/holding the left/right margin of a clip, move them, and if you want no pause between them you can set the pause at “zero” in the “CD” window.
I hope I got your question right.

Hi, Thanks for replying,
but in the montage window 2 individual clips make two individual cd tracks, but i need the two clips to make 1 cd track hence the gluing idea…

So you have to glue the two in the Wave editor, then burn the glued track importing it into the Montage (unfortunately glueing two clips is not allowed don’t ask me why!). :wink:

thanks i’ll give it a go

It is no problem to make one CD track from two clips in the montge: You just have to set the CD track markers accordingly, i.e. track start marker at the beginning of track 1 and track end marker at the end of track 2. There is no need to make one clip from it, just put the end of clip one directly to the beginning of clip 2, this has the same effect.

I don’t believe WL Elements works with CD markers, but treats each single clip as a CD-track. I don’t know what rendering capabilities Elements has, but maybe you can render two adjacent clips as a region, or maybe select them both and then render them as ‘selected clips’ to become one file?

Luck, Arjan

Hello, Arjan is right, in 7.1 regions were added in Elements. You can render the region, making the two clips one! :astonished:


Don’t forget it’s possible to Split, crossfade and edit with WL7 Elements too
then use Region markers for the complete clip(s) start and end, then Render,
Create named file or in place and Save file later on
replace the editing Montage Track with the newly Rendered audio file

if you already know this sorry :blush:

regards S-EH