Can you have a selection of tracks visible just like in Dorico 4?

There is a very nice feature in Dorico in which you can have a selection of tracks visibles on the fly. So if I type “Strings” I can focus only on strings. No need for further configuration. I was wondering if there is something similar in Cubase. The visibility options don’t seem to be as efficient as the one in Dorico, maybe I’m missing something. If there is not such an option, maybe it would be a nice quality of life improvement for further versions (also, make closer the way of working in both programs in those parts that can be efficiently shared).
Thanks in advance

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Set Track Visibility Agents > Show Only Selected Tracks.

I’ll try it when I have a moment, thanks. And, Can you select tracks from the search engine of Cubase?

I mean, I type “Strings” and then somehow I can select all the results of the search, so I can focus my visibility on these tracks. Is it possible? How is it done?

Well, not exactly. You can find tracks with Ctrl+F. Typing some letters filters the results. Then you can select one result from the list, and the track will be selected, and scrolled to.

You can directly do this with PLE though. You can assign a button that once you press it, only the tracks containing “strings” in the name will be made visible, or something along these lines. (You can also use colors, or special symbols in the track name, you need to devise a system to “group” relative tracks together so that you can find them with just one PLE condition)

Edit: To be honest, a special modifier for the track finder wouldn’t be bad at all. Type some letters, Ctrl/Shift/Alt/whatever+Enter, and then only those tracks caught in the filter would be shown. Quicker, no need for PLE setups.