Can you have overlapping audio clips in cubase 8?

Overlapping audio tails is crucial at mix down. 7.5 did not have this. Does 8 pro do? It becomes a bit of a hassle when you have to render 2 audio tracks and process both of the same audio tracks because cubase doesn’t allow overlapping. s1 had the feature on their first release. I’m a cubase guy at heart, but I switched because of this. In my arrangements I like to deal with one audio track rather than 2 of the same audio track because I can’t overlapping. Have a reverb tail on your piano chorus and want to feed the tail into the verse… Well on cubase 7.5 you better make two of the tracks. it can be a real hassle dealing with 15 plus tracks. Can someone please tell me if you can overlap the audio tracks in pro 8?

Can you please tell me if you can have overlapping audio clips, meaning that the audio tail of one ending clip will play into the next beginning clip.

This is a deal breaker for me to upgrade… if it doesn’t allow overlapping audio, im not upgrading and sticking with my s1.

Yes of course you can do that!
It is called a “crossfade”.
See attached image.

Info is in the Cpro8 Op. manual at page 243

Cubase has had this feature add long as I’ve been using it. Just turn on automatic crossfades.

The audio must be crossfaded or you’d get a massive jump in gain during the overlap.

Sad to think you’ve been hating all this time, When it was right there waiting for you… like Richard Marx.

So I would have to cross fade each track, every time in switches into a verse? or chorus? crossfades everywhere?

No, no… Lol It’s not manual, it’s “automatic”!

Once you’ve set it up, it automatically crossfades any overlapping audio. Crossfading was happening in whatever other DAW you were using instead of Cubase, it just did it by default. But most pros prefer to take charge of that kind if behavior themselves, so Steinberg makes it an option.

Check out the manual (fretthefeet gave the page above) for how to set it up. There might be YT vids too.

No. I might be wrong, but I don’t think he’s talking about crossfades whatsoever.

I think he literally wants the effect of two separate audio tracks playing, each with a clip, and with the first one’s tail end extending over the beginning of the other - no crossfading; no gain changing; no power loss. As you listen to this section, the sound they make merges/blends together for those last/first few beats or bars.

BUT - he wants that happening on only 1 track; i.e overlap the two clips ending and start, and both will sound WITHOUT a crossfade.

This is something I don’t think Cubase is capable of doing. For that matter, I’d love to see how he does it with S1…

I think I understand the problem: mdef303, do you want to mix a whole song in a single track?

EDIT: I see previous poster got it. Yes, I don’t think you can mix several clips in a single track in Cubase. I’m not sure why you’d want to do that, though.

If Studio One allows multiple audio clips to play within a single track, then that’s the same thing as using several tracks, like Lanes, or a Folder Track; it just provides the illusion that it’s a single channel, or you can apply the same processing to all—something easily done in Cubase (or any other DAW).

This is exactly it… Overlap the two clips ending and start and both will sound without a crossfade, In s1, there is a option where you can select “Play overlapping audio” and it does just that, plays overlapping audio. In Cubase you have to have two of the same audio tracks so this can happen. When it comes to the mix down you have double of everything, and it becomes a hassle when leveling. This mainly has to do with arrangement… I started to mix a track on Cubase 7 and this occurred to me, while I absolutely love Cubase 7 new mixer, this was a draw back… for instance… you have an intro of 4 bars consisting of a lead, synth keys, and bass, all leading into the chorus of 8 bars… you do not want all those elements to cut off as soon as the chorus or verse starts… you want the ending tails of your intro to play into the chorus and so on…

such a simple feature…

I just upgraded to Cubase 8, because im stubborn and love Cubase… but without being able to overlap, the mixes get crazy with double of everything, which is why I support s1 … up until Cubase has this feature, it will always be behind the crowd… hence s1 is so popular…

I’m still confused: are you trying to mix all your clips in one track? And why would you have “double of everything” at mixdown if you used separate tracks?

I’ll break it down for you… Arrangement as follows… 4 BARS INTRO, 8 BAR CHORUS, 16 BAR VERSE…blah blah blah… however you arrange…

Intro Chorus
Keys {=s=a==S=A=A=A=A} {=s=a==S=A=A=A=A…TAIL INTO VERSE
Bass {=s=a==S=A=A=A=A} {=s=a==S=A=A=A=…TAIL INTO VERSE…
Lead {=s=a==S=A=A=A=A} {=s=a==S=A=A=A=A… TAIL INTO VERSE…

I want to be able to process(mix) all clips, (intro, chorus, verse)… of each seperate instrument on one channel with the ending tails playing into the next part of the arrangement… on one channel… not two…

Process the whole bass on one channel throughout the whole arrangement with ending tails into the next part of the arrangement… and be able to process the audio on one track throughout the arrangement… one channel for each instrument, bass, snare, keys…

So, to wrap it up on-topic:

No, Cubase cannot play overlapping clips at their full volume.

You will have to use “s1,” whatever that is.

Have fun!

Thanks mdef, you don’t have to explain how a song arrangement works, I get that, lol.

So I guess what your saying is: you just really don’t want to move your bass part (for example) into a second track if it has a tail. OK, I get that. I think most of us are used to separating clips in this situation, especially so you can see the tails in relation to other clips and still access them, but I understand we all have our methods.

What I don’t get is: you said that if you use separate tracks, you get “double of everything, and it becomes a hassle when levelling”. I’m not sure why this would happen, unless you’re duplicating clips when you duplicate channels? Just curious, because I don’t experience any problem like this.

Because Cubase doesn’t allow overlapping tails… I arrange like this
intro chorus
audio 1 -Key 1 {===========…tail…}
audio 2 - Key 1{same audio} {=============}

I want to be able to process like this
intro chorus
Audio 1 - key 1 {================…tail ================} one channel, in the mix and edit window. simple

Most of my music is r&b and hip hop and is loop based 4 or 8 bars…


How else can you have overlapping audio without duplicating channels… and having two channels in the mixer?

if you know how please tell me

Thanks to all

It’s simple: you don’t duplicate the same clip at the same position, and just let the tail overlap the next clip. Like so:

If you want to process them with the same effects, so you send them to a group channel (right-click -> add Group Channel to Selected Tracks). Now you have full control of each clip’s tail and length.

That’s exactly what I do… and how I work in Cubase, but open the mixer and have 2 audio tracks for the same instrument, and another for the group… do that with all tracks and your mixer becomes a mess… when you group, im not at my computer, but I forget, does the group track control the level on all of the audio tracks within that group as well as the processes.?..

None the less… you have two audio tracks, and a group track of one single instrument because Cubase doesn’t allow overlapping clips.

That’s right, a group channel’s fader will control all the levels within.

At any rate, Cubase is not for you, if you have to mix on one track like that. s1 is the only DAW I can think of that even works like that, really…

I love cubase I’ve been using it since 6, it’s close to my heart, it’s not an end all be all but it would be nice… I guess I can group, and hide the audio tracks and monitor the group