Can you help me please to open this old omf?

Hi all,

really desperate to recover this omf file:

Probably cubase 3? Tried with a new version, it says Could not ready OMF file
What do I need to use? Can you help me?


So you tried File > Import > OMF?
If that gives you an error message I’m guessing the file is corrupted.
If you have access to another DAW (or a more capable video editing software) you could try importing the file there and then export it as AAF instead.

Which video software is “more capable” in your opinion? So I can try there?

Since OMF was widely used in film/video production (now mostly superseded by AAF) I thought a video editing program could be an alternative to try it in. I don’t know which supports OMF import today but I’m guessing Windows Movie Maker does not.

This unfortunately doesn’t help me :frowning: Is there a way to catch the exact version of Cubase on which the export has been generates?
I don’t think the file is corrupted…

Any other tip? Really the Cubase version can’t be extrapolated? Its a 3.x surely…

I tried opening your file with Cubase SX3 and it does not open:

I tried with Cubase Pro 8.5 and it crashed while trying to load it.

I tried with Cubase 13 and it gave the same error as with Cubase SX3.

I think its a matter of the exact version of Cubase. Maybe 1 or 2?

Heres some screenshot on now it has been exported in the last:

Uhm… the process seems correct, isn’t?

No. OMF files are platform independent. It is a standardized format that is neither conceived nor governed by Steinberg. OMF files can be exported and imported from a variety of audio/video software.

Sorry, no luck here. Cubase wouldn’t open it, and Cakewalk opens it in Safe mode with zero tracks or content.

How long ago were these photos taken, and, do you no longer have access to the Cubase in the photo?
@mlib mlib is correct, the version of Cubase that created the OMF file should not matter.

No preset on it? Should be microtonic preset quote sure.

Nope, old screenshots :frowning: but im sure 90% it was possible to restore from that version… :thinking:

As far as i can tell, that OMF seems to be badly formed or has errors. Not sure about this but could it be you need to read this file on a 32-bit windows OS?

Or could be the file header is corrupt. It might be possible to extract all the audio files using a ripper program, but of course no arrangement structure in this case.

… and, of course, presumably the original Cubase project is gone, and the only thing left is the OMF?

I can try win 32 bit, yes. Good idea.

Which “recover” program could I try also? At least to save the embedded files…

Yes, I’ve only that OMF. Is there any OMF debugger out there? I’m a programmer, maybe I can try to adjust it?