Can you hide a flow when you are not working on it?

Is it possible to hide a flow when you are not working on it? I am creating sets of about 4 individual tunes inside of one Dorico dcoument (why? because it is a colossal pain to set up all of my preferred layout, notation, and staff parameters in a new document every time I want to create a one-page lead sheet in five different instruments). Because I’m now working in five staves (a new thing for me), each flow is now multiple “pages” wide in the full score view, so if I want to work on the second or third flow, I have to scroll past all of the other pages every time I want to do something. Is there a way to hide a flow temporarily while I’m working on another one?

Yes, we can! :wink:
Go to Setup Mode, select the layout on the right which you want to hide the flow from, and then uncheck the flow in the bottom panel. (Don’t just click on it, you have to aim for the checkbox.)

Very helpful. Thank you!

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Just a few thoughts, which you may already be aware of:

If your Layout and Notation options are likely to be the same for all or most of your projects, you can save your options as defaults for new projects.

You can of course create template files with all your setups: this includes instrumentation.

The Library Manager lets you copy settings from one document to another easily.

Hi Benwiggy,

I have been reading about the template option that is new in Dorico 4 and will look forward to trying to figure out how it works. On another thread here, a commenter noted that the “Template” Did not appear to actually include the majority of settings that the poster wished to save into the template. Ever hopeful, we’ll see how things work out.

Ah … so. I have three flows. there is only music in the “violin” staff of the third flow.

When I hide the first flow, the music stays in the third flow.

When I hide the second flow, the music disappears from the third flow.

What am I missing?

Are you looking at the Full Score Layout?

What @k_b said, and a screenshot of your Setup Mode page with the layout you are talking about selected would be helpful.