Can you/how to create synth sounds?

Hi guys, I bought Halion Sonic (as the Absolute VST bundle with Dark Planet, Triebwerk, etc.) in November, only a few weeks before I bought NI Massive. I soon found myself using Massive as my main sound creator and Sonic as a drum kit, but I’ve been wanting to utilize Sonic a bit more. After a few months of looking, I’ve yet to find any way to start off with a blank sound and add/edit oscillators in Sonic as a wavetable synth.

Does Halion Sonic have this function? From the screenshots I’ve seen, it looks like it does, but I couldn’t find anything in the PDF manual, nor Google. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I’m using Mac OSX 8 if that makes any difference.

Try loading the program “Init Program” into a slot.

Thanks for responding! Where is that option located? I’m on program 6 according to the multi program rack with the ‘Load’ tab selected, but I’m not seeing anything named Init Program. Is it supposed to be with the instrument sets, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Aloha R,

Halion Sonic is more of a sample playback plug with some editing capabilities.
and some other great features.
And while you might be able to create some sounds from scratch,
HAL SONIC is not really suited to that purpose.

You cant even import aif or wav samples into it.

If you want to stick with Steiny plugs, what you want is the full blown ‘Halion’ plug
There you can do it all.

I’m having a wonderful time creating new and different sounds with
Padshop. And I don’t even have the ‘Pro’ version.

Good luck.

Click on the drop down “arrow” (triangle) for one of the 16 program slots on the left hand side, as you would if you wanted to load a program into a slot. This way the browser comes up in “program” search mode. Now find and select the “Init Program”.

Thanks everyone, still can’t find “Init Program”(I must have either deleted it by accident or I’m blind, haha), but I think I’ll give Padshop a good try and stick to Sonic for drum and organ patches.

At the least maybe you can layer in some sustained single timbre sounds into a few layers and carve into a rich sound, then put THAT into Padshop.

You don’t have control over the soundsources you load into Halion, ie. you cannot alter the original waveforms. You can only add to them.