Can you install trial version of Dorico on second computer if your main one is not useable?

I currently have a trial version of Dorico Pro 3.5 downloaded and installed on my main studio computer. The trial expires on June 20. However, my main computer quit working due to a failed logic board a couple of days ago, and I would like to know if I can continue the trial on my second computer, a MacBook Pro. I’m enjoying the program and would like to continue with the trial if possible. Thanks.

It’s on your USB eLisencer, yes?

If so, then no problem. Install the software on as many PCs/Macs as you like. Be sure the dongle is plugged in.

If you had it on Software eLisencer, then check your My Steinberg account. See if you can reactivate.

@hamkid, you can’t request a new trial activation code for the same Steinberg ID, but I can send you a new one for you to use on your other computer. Check your private message box here.