Can you layer audio parts?

It’d greatly help in sound design, especially layering IF I can layer multiple audio events inside an audio part. So essentially it becomes a mini mixer for my various sounds.

Currently to achieve, say a layered clap, I need 3-4 tracks and it quickly adds up. we can have multi channel midi events in a part so why not multiple audio events in a part?

If you’re creating a layered clap that’s where you’d be best using Groove Agent or other sampler

You can also Render in Place (select the audio events you want to use first) and use the resulting sample with the Sampler Track or Groove Agent SE 4.

I’d like to do pre clap, etc - much easier with audio tracks

is this what you are looking for?

if your doing a preclap then just reverse the clap. audio->process->reverse

Sort of. Imagine audio layers like midi parts. We can overlap midi parts to our hearts content, and they fold into one midi clip. With audio each audio part needs its own track. So one clap could take 3-4 tracks, wasting space.

The short answer is no and I tend to agree with the previous posters who’ve said to use Sampler Track or Groove Agent SE. I think GA SE is particularly good at this sort of thing once you get use to its way of working…I’m sure the new Sampler Track would do it too but must admit I’m used to using Groove Agent.

As for wasting space, could you not just put each group of clap tracks (if you’re going to carry on doing it this way) in a folder and close it (again if you don’t want to create and then render them as suggested above)?

Am I missing something, you can layer audio clips, just set the fade in\out to be open from start to end of the clips. Put them in a part to move them together.