Can You Lock Master Fader While Scrolling in the MixConsole?

Is there a way to lock the master while scrolling the MixConsole in Cubase Artist 7. I know you could do it in 6 but didnt see anything about this in 7.

FYI… I figured it out. I over looked it in the manual . You have to activate it in the zones showing and hiding channels page 180 in the manual. You can pretty much lock any channel “Locked channels are excluded from scrolling and are always visible”.

Aloha T,

And thanks for that info.

I have read thru the C7 PDF manual a couple of times now.
I have also viewed several tutorials and even then,
I can still miss stuff.

Mahalo for the tip.

Maybe you need a paper manual… ok i will stop now… :smiley: