Can you make C8 look more like C 7.5?

Hi there people, I’ve just started to use C8 pro and I have to say I am not pleased as to how it looks compared to C7.5

I am using two 24 inch lcd’s and to put it short I want to be able to stretch the normal dark background that we all cnow from sx1 and up across both screens and place the various elements of Cubase like project window, mixer vsti rack and such within this frame.
As it works in in previous versions.

Is there a way to do this, or have Steiny finally gone mad and frogged up a perfectly good working environment?

It just looks like a mess with different cubase windows floating on top of my windows desktop which is quite messy with icons and shortcuts to other programs.

Please tell me there is a workaround for this.

OnkelGrusom :confused:

I’m not sure, but I do think you missed the OP’s point.

He wants to stretch the main Cubase app across both screens, and have it behind other Cubase windows (mixer etc).

NO, with the new windows handling they have knuffed up how Cubase have always worked. It were said to be an improvement, but it is a “disaster” in my book.

Hmm, why on earth did they do this.
Ok I will not work with this GUI, so I guess I’ll go back to C7.5 then

They could at least give us the option to use “old look” or something like that in the genral preferences.

OnkelGrusom :imp:

I run 3 screens and have the arrange page locked on screen 1, the Mixer locked on screen 3 and the menu with the grey background on the centre screen. I have saved variations as work spaces and am quite happy with the way it is working. I was a bit put out to begin with but would not like to go back to how it was now.