Can you make note widths thicker with Edit-In-Place?

Is there a ‘magnify’ slider to make the width fatter (vertically) of each note in Edit-In-Place.

The default is too thin for me to easily select w mouse.


Not sure if this is still valid as I haven’t used Edit in Place in C10 (probably not since about C6.5 actually!)

but it used to be like this…


This should definitely be a ‘Quick Tip’ video. :smiley:

No - it should not need to be searched for, it should be plainly visible, accessible and instantly understandable!

A hand which pops up when you hover over a specific unlabelled area - usually on the other side of the screen to the area you are working on, which turns back into a pointer again when you use the function (bug?), and which finally fails to show that a modifier key will totally change its function.

One of THE worst GUI designs in existence that should have been fixed long ago.

It’s particularly frustrating because there is no TOOL TIP. And you have to know -precisely- where to move the mouse onto the virtual keyboard -and- that you need to ‘swipe right’ to get it to work.

It should have a -slider- to be consistent with all the other window elements.