Can you make recorded midi events run Quickcontrols?

Can you make recorded midi events run Quickcontrols?
Any input much appreciated.

Have solved the issue of simultaneously comping audio and an associated MIDI control (many thanks for your input Vic France and twinoak).
See for details.

but can’t now get the recorded MIDI to run a Quickcontrol.

Is either obvious or impossible… not sure which? :confused:

Any ideas?

PC or Mac?
You need the help of MIDI Yoke, for PC, or an IAC bus on Mac…
The idea is to route that MIDI track to MIDI Yoke (or IAC bus), and, in the Devices Setup window, set the Input to Quick Controls to MIDI Yoke (or IAC bus).
But don’t forget that, if you have recorded this as MIDI data on a track, the track will then control the faders of Quick Controls in realtime, so you won’t want the Quick Controls pane also Write/Read-enabled.

Please bear in mind that this MIDI track will always pilot Quick Controls of the currently-selected track… not necessarily the track for which it was originally recorded (so, yes, you will need to Write the automation eventually, then Mute that MIDI data, when you are ready to move on to a different track).

Again, you’re a star. Thanks for this.

I had considered hard-wiring in/out, or looking into a virtual solution like the one you have detailed here. Just seemed odd that I would need to, and have spent ages looking on cubase for a way to achieve this.

Seems like an obvious feature for the next build. Hope so. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.