Can you make the Logical Project Editor select a single marker, eg the one nearest to your cursor?

I’d like to use a convoluted macro to insert a marker at the position the playback started instead of the position the playhead is currently at while the song’s playing. (It goes like: Create (the first) Marker, Stop (goes to start of playback), Create Marker , Go to (the first) Marker , Delete (the first) Marker, Play)

Unfortunately, there’s no action to delete or select a single nearby marker. I tried tinkering with the Project Logical Editor and watching some tutorials but didn’t get the results/information I needed.
Among the presets I tried were:
Eg. using
| Media type |
| is equal |
| Marker |
| Function:Select |

→ causes every marker to be selected (and deleted) instead of one. There are conditions called “before cursor” and “beyond cursor” but none called “at cursor”, unfortunately.

And just selecting the marker track and having the cursor on the exact spot of a marker location before using “Delete” doesn’t cause deletion of the marker either.

Any idea on how to achieve this?
Thanks for your help.


-PLE to select the marker track
-key command: Select Events Under Cursor

should work no?

Is this exactly what you want to do?
Just hit stop (or have a mcro do it) twice to put the cursor at trhe start pos, and insert the marker.

Unless you require the the macro to be more convoluted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it did, thank you

@steve :
yeah, I want to continue playback where I left off so that I’m not forced to hear that section of the song again - a section which I may have heard too often within the past few seconds in order to find the correct marker insert position.