Can You Make the Mouse Wheel Less Sensitive PLS?

Nuendo responds to mouse wheel movements much more sensitively than all other programs I have for OS X. It makes scrolling and adjusting parameters a pain because I need to set my scrolling speed to the lowest possible setting to be usable in Nuendo (which then makes navigation ALL the other programs annoying). I’ve used SteerMouse for this before ,as you can set individual attributes for individual programs, but my new mouse isn’t supported with it.

It might sound like a small thing, but this would make navigating in Nuendo much less frustrating.
Would it be possible to set a global preference for this if others like how it behaves now?
Have others found workaround for it?



I’m using 10.10.3 and Nuendo 6.5.4 but I’ve noticed this with all versions of Nuendo and the Mac OS I’ve used.

Hi Ben,
If you have a Kensington mouse that feature is supported in their software.

I don’t unfortunately.

I have a Logitech. I just got the MX Master, which is great, but unsupported by all of the 3rd party drivers that would support per-application settings.

  • Ben