Can you move data with notes in key editor?


Is it possible to move the information in the lanes belowthe midi notes in the key editor (modulation, aftertouch), together with the notes, if you want to move those? i.o.w. “lock” that data to the note?

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It certainly is. In the Key Editor, on top. If you can’t see it, right-click and make it visible.

Got it! Thanks!

Yes, this is the right one. Or you can use Note Expression, which solves this too.

Thanks, but doesn´t the vsti needs to support note expression for that to work or am I missing a realm of possibilities here?

No, if the VSTi (or HW device) doesn’t support Note Expression, it will works as classicla MIDI controllers. Benefit of the MIDI Expression is, you can use different values and different curves for chords (for example). If the device doesn’t support Note Expression, and you will use different curves on different notes in the chord, the device will be confused. Which is your benefit. You can use the Note Expression on one note of the chord (if you have it) only. So it will works as usual.