Can You Mute or Solo Layers on the Same Pad in Groove Agent?

Is there a way to mute or solo layers on the same pad in Groove Agent in “Edit Selected Samples or Pads” mode? I want to edit a single layer individually and hear only that particular layer when I edit it. Currently I hear all layers played in tandem unless I turn down the volume of the other layers which is time consuming.


Not sure about that, not sitting in front of GA5 right now. But couldn’t you just place that layer on another (empty) pad for editing, and then get it back to your layerd pad?

Thanks for the reply and suggestion Jim. I suppose I could do that, and set both pads to trigger via the same MIDI note so when I hit one key it triggers both. And then I could mute or solo each pad so I only hear the samples I wish. That’s basically what I am after. However, would the edits on one pad then copy over to just that sample layer when I combine them back to one pad? I’ll have to play around with that. Ideally, one would be able to mute or solo individual layers on the same pad for editing in isolation.


This feature was added in Groove Agent 5. I am happy now.

mbiermann, do you know how its done in GA5?