Can You Not Save Effects Tracks as Track Presets?

I don’t know if I have found a bug, or if this just is not a feature that is available. When I save effects tracks as track presets they show up in the current presets window when I enter the save dialog again after saving the first time, and then when I go to (add track) Using Track Preset… they show up under the “Audio” folder in the Choose Track preset window, but when I double click it nothing happens. No matter how I try to do it, the effects track preset does not load.

Cubase factory track presets work. My own audio and VST instrument track presets work, but not effects tracks? Is this intentional? If so why allow the preset to even save and show up in the Choose Track Presets menu as a seemingly valid preset to choose? :confused:

I think you are right. It is sort of a bug, cause obviously Cubase store it as an audio track and not as an effect track, so when you try to load it, the label “audio track” does not fit. So, imo it’s only possible to drag a FX chain preset in the project window to make a new FX track. EQ settings for example can’t be saved in that case. Hmm, not very pleasing…


I just tried this. Definately looks like a bug to me. Dbl click in Media Bay loads an instance of other track presets but not fx track preset.

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Thanks for confirming guys. I guess I’ll submit it to Steinberg. Bummer.

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