Can you open Cubase 8 projects in Nuendo 10?

Am currently on Cubase 8 and am thinking of crossgrading to Nuendo 10. Will I still be able to open Cubase 7/8 projects in Nuendo 10?
Clearly would rather not lose years of work, plus I’m in the middle of a project so really don’t want to lose everything. I really need the extra features in Nuendo now though so I need to know I can upgrade mid project and everything will still work fine. I know it’s sensible to wait, but the timing is unfortunate.

Apologies if the answers already out there. I’ve been searching for it for ages and can’t find any confirmation. Would be great if someone with Nuendo could confirm this.


Sure can! I’ve actually opened Cubase SX projects with Nuendo 10. As log it’s a .cpr file, you should be good to go.

Thanks. Took the plunge. Now I’ve got to downgrade back again because the video in N10 is freezing constantly. :frowning:

Not sure how much use this may be for others in the future, but I’m learning here that the switch from Cubase 8 to Nuendo 10 requires a bit more additional horsepower than may be advertised to get things smooth. Had video issues, audio issues, needed to reistall etc. Am working through each issue one by one successfully, but offloading a lot of tracks via VEP to some slave PCs has helped free up resources that Nuendo seems to need. I suspect some of these hungry features may be the Cubase 8 to 10 changes vs Nuendo itself. The video I’m going to experiment with a bit once I get through this project.

Thanks for everyone’s help.