Can you pan the channels?

I just have this sneaky feeling there are some ginormous pan pots in the middle of the SpectraLayers screen I have managed to not see but I ask anyway haha!

Is there some way to pan the channels in SpectraLayers? There is room for a little pan pot on each channel … :smiley:
If you break down some poor audio file and then start to pan the result it could of course lead to unpredictable results but …
Give us pan pots and we deal with phase issues and whatnot later! :sunglasses:

That’s a little beyond the initial purpose of SL (it’s more an editing tool than a realtime mixing tool), but you can change the panning as an offline process: Process > Amplitude > Channel Remixer.

I am sure you have your hands full.

For some time in the future:
Would be great to be able to pan the selections.

Yes! That’s one way … around it hehe! Another would be to export or get the stuff into Cubase and pan. Yeah, why not? Thanks! :sunglasses:
But still it’s a workaround and you have to commit and move on.

The ultimate would be if you could send the channels out of SL to Audio Connection buses in Cubase and be done with it, if you use it as ARA2.
Then you could not only pan to your heart’s content but also add any other plugin in real time without SL have to bother with it since it’s downstream from SL?

Indeed, if you use SL in ARA2 mode you can use Cubase’s pan controls.

I can? Oh, it’s too new to me hehe!