Can you please make the close button on the "Hub" screen close Cubase?

Such a tiny thing. But so freaking annoying. Just go to the click event handler and make it send the message to close Cubase. Every single day when I’m done working on mixes I instinctively click the in the upper right corner of the hub thing, It pretends to close… then the hub-ish reappears. Ugh. Really? Seems like a bug. I don’t even know why it bugs me so much, but… yeah. I’ll fix it if you want to give me the code. :slight_smile:

Good software. Keep it up.

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Add the optional feature-request tag to your post, please.

It looks like a bug, more than a feature request. But no high priority.

Added feature-request tag (even though it seems like a bug). The way I see this is: I use the “Close” icon to close ALL other Windows software with the only exception being anything that doesn’ t have it. I’d be curious on the telemetry on how many times this gets clicked. :slight_smile:


Steinberg already promised this when they released the .20 update, it just was not finished yet.
So I expect it in the .30

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Isn’t this to streamline Cubase over different OS?
because this makes total sense on MacOS

Awesome. I know it’s a tiny thing but quite literally every time I’m ready to exit my click it. :rofl:

Hi @Tonegroove

Thanks for exchanging your ideas with us! This is a relavant issue / feature request that I have discussed on another thread. This is fixed in the C13.0.30. On top of this, in C13.0.30 you will always have both buttons “Close” and “Quit Cubase” prompted in the Hub, Windows only. :slight_smile:


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