Can you print REV X

On another daw like PT or Logic…? Im praying you can, cuz that was the reason i bought it!!

God, this site is horrible. Thank god i don’t use cubase lol.

You have TWO uses for Rev X

  1. You can use it for realtime monitoring while tracking using the MR console


  1. You can set up the MR so that it doesnt allow you to use the REVX while tracking. When set like this in the MR Console, you can pull up the RevX just like any other plugin in Logic or PooTools.

**Any effect can be printed to an empty track by using proper sends/bussing in your DAW.

  1. why dont YOU try printing it and report back :open_mouth:


Just make sure to set the MR as external FX.
You have to open the control Panel of the MR on your Applications folder.
On the MR816 tab under settings select External FX.
Then you should be able to load it as an external FX.