Can you program the jog wheel in Nuage?

Back when I was using Artist Series controllers, I learned a hack here tt program the jog wheel on my Transport unit to allow me to scroll up and down in the Nuendo mixer.

I’m still using the transport for that purpose, as I find it faster and more accurate than the ribbon on Nuage. But, I’d really like to migrate all of those features into Nuage. Can you customize KC/Scripts to or in combination with the jog wheel in Nuage? I can’t find anything in the manual regarding this. So, IF it’s possible, could somebody talk me through the process?

I think alt+jog in nuage does that.

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You’re right! Thanks a LOT!! :smile: :sunglasses:

At the risk of being greedy, is it possible to assign a fader to become an “Attention Fader?”

Before this reply, I thought it was a long shot for the Track Scroll feature. But now… is that possible?

No. I asked for that, but it would be unworkable.
Imagine scrolling through fast the tracks in the Project window.
Would Nuage Fader pack be able to catch up with that?

What I do is flying the selected fader tot the “Right”, wo it become first fader left of the Nuage Master Section. When I am done doing what I needed to do, I deselect the “Move to right” and the fader goes back where it belongs.


I don’t understand. Eucon lets you have an Attention Fader from the Artist Series on up. The Attention Fader is on the master section of the S4/S6 and it’s on the Dock to work with the S1/S3 and before that you could assign it to any Fader you wanted on the Artist Series.

I scrolled up and down the mixer all the time and never had an issue. So I’m not understanding how this would affect the fader pack, if this were an option in Nuage.

Again, not sure what you mean here. I’m doing something similar, I guess, with the Fader Ribbon. The selected track comes in far left on fader 1 and I swipe the ribbon to bring it closer in to fader 8 or 9. But I don’t have to deselect anything after the fact. I just scroll up or down to the next fader/track that I want. What is it that you’re doing differently?

Okay, I think I get it now. that works pretty well. Thanks.