Can You Project Tab with Ai 6 ?

Hey guys, Does Ai 6 have the ability to project Tab ? I want to have multiple projects opened at the same time and just select the tab to be at the next project for live play also if it can be done can you save all of the project tabs as one project ?

Thanks, Rick

I have discovered you can have multiple projects open at one time, But I haven’t figured out how to save them all as one project or if its possible, any suggestions ??

yzf125: Are you talking about recording a bunch of
songs “LIVE” :question: If so why don’t you just set the Multitrack recording’s
for a long time say an hour or so, then when your done recording set your Locators for each individual song
Export each multitrack Song to there own renamed Folder —create
Project folder’s for each song, then import these files IMO through
the pool into these new projects.

I’ve used this technique many times for recording Live Band rehearsals
and some Live Gigs

Just an idea :bulb:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Is this from another DAW :question:

Yes, In Reaper you can Project tab just like you can in Internet Explorer for different web sites all open at once and just select the tab of your project with one click and its already loaded, a third party made an extension where you can save all projects loaded as one project in Reaper.

I play my Roland TD-12 triggering VST Drums in Kontakt with prerecorded Bass and Key tracks. each song has a drum kit set up for that song that’s why I need to be in separate projects.

yzf125: Hmmmmm ----- I’m sure Cubase 4 - 5 - 6 or 7.5 can do something similar :wink:

What I do Usually is Record Drums before–During – and- after recording all the other voices
and Instruments. Then there’s times I have Ringo come in and overdub his Ludwig drums.

Have a good one :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

I think the point missed is " I trigger the VST Drums live with my Roland TD-12 drum kit via Midi and dont use the Roland drums sounds " So this requires me to have a different mixed kit for each song we do and I need to be able to go right to the next song “project” with a click of the mouse. This I have figured out already, how to have multiple tracks open at once. But I would like to be able to save all open projects as ONE project for easy and faster load time of everything. I can do this in Reaper but I find Reaper is a little unstable right now is why I am trying Cubase.

yzf125: Maybe try “SAVE AS TEMPLATE” File>Save as Template,
for each of your songs,
and then just create an Empty Folder on your Desk Top
then Drag all your Projects into it.

Just an idea :bulb:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: