Can you Punch Out in Cycle mode?

I may have a setting wrong but, is there a way to get Punch Out to work in Cycle mode (midi)?

I have not tried but I don’t think it is meant to work. Think of it in terms of the cycle sending the cursor back to the beginning of the cycle before the punch out has a chance to take effect. The manual talks about the locator being used for cycle OR punch-in/punch-out but not both together.

Wait till the cursor reaches the right locator, then pull the plug! That will take it right out of record. :laughing:

Kidding aside, pressing the play button on my controller generally would take it out of record and continue play. but having Cubase in punch in/punch out mode or having the cycle on, pretty much locks it in. Record will then continue indefinitely either overdubbing or replacing till you press stop.

Thanks guys for the help. Just seeing if Cubase could work MPC60 style.