Can you record the Scrub in Sample Editor?

It is possible to record while the sample editor is open? I want to use the scrub feature and record what i am hearing cause it kind of sounds like scratching, is this possible?

I doubt it but I would love to know if a workaround is possible.

The workaround is to use your soundcard´s routing possibilities if available, or hardwiring Soundcard output to input.

Here´s another solution for this "pitch/tape/scratch"FX, incl. correct beat positions… :


This is also very interesting for sounddesign in cubase:


Yeah i tried using Sound Recorder in Windows 7 which basically just records all audio from the computer to record it but of course once I opened back up Cubase it blocked this out. Hmm :question:


this solution has quasi the same result of sound as you want!

try it!

This is really annoying. What exactly is the scrub feature used for then?

I followed the video but it didn’t work.

To be used with a scrub wheel, for precision editing.


This is really annoying. What exactly is the scrub feature used for then?

The function was designed to mimic “rocking the tape”…a technique used in tape-based audio editing to locate a position for splicing the tape. Since there was no such thing as waveform displays back then…you had to locate (and mark with a china marker) your edit points by ear and finish the job with a splicing block, razorblade and splicing tape.

Since the function is supposed to be used strictly as an editing feature, it wasn’t designed to work as a recordable “effect”…but there are solutions described above to capture the scrubbing as an effect.