Can you remove the frame around the score pages?

I’ve tried the PDF and searched in this forum and google but I probably have the wrong terminology because I can’t find what I’m looking for.

There is a non printing big frame or box or square around the pages in the score editor that sometimes is in the way for when I try to align things the way I want them.
Can that thing be removed???

This is the page margins and only visible in Page Mode.
You cannot remove it. The only way to make it less visible would be to set the margins to 0 in Page Setup.
(while the Score window is in focus: File>Page Setup)

Though I don’t recommend doing so, margin is important for your score layout and printing.

On reflection, a switch to turn its display on and off would be natural!

Well, that’s good enough! :sunglasses:
Now I at least know it’s the margin I’m dealing with …
Thanks a lot!