Can you remove whole-bar rests from just one staff in a flow?

I have been asked to produce a special version of a vocal score for the keyboard continuo player. The continuo part consists only of a bass line (no figured bass), but the player has asked for a blank treble-clef staff to be included, so that he can annotate it in pencil for the performance. Adding the staff is easy, but he wants the bars to be completely blank, i.e. no whole-bar rests. I know how to hide rests in empty bars, but making that change hides rests in every instrument in the flow, which I do not want. Can anyone suggest a way of doing this? Bear in mind, this would have to apply only to one staff of the keyboard part, not both.

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Select all the whole bar rests and chose “delete rests”.

I have tried doing this (in my version of Dorico - but nothing happens when I select ‘Remove Rests’ from the Edit menu, nor when, having selected a passage of rests, I press the delete key. I assume that ‘Remove Rests’ only works on rhythmic rests within a bar that also contains other notes or rests, but not on whole-bar rests. Or is ‘Delete Rests’ a different option I haven’t found yet?

pressing delete will in fact not do anything.

It might be, that you need to turn the first rest into an explicit rest, so you can actually toggle the “starts voice” and “ends Voice” properties.
To do so, create for example a quarter rest with force duration at the very beginning of the treble clef. Then, select the rest of the rests and chose “remove rests”.
You can get rid of the initial quarter rest by either custom scaling it to 1%, or putting the transparency to 0 in the color property. Or both, if you want to be sure.


Very clever! I’ve succeeded by inserting a quarter note at the beginning of the bar, then removing the remaining rests, and then deleting the quarter note. Now I just have to repeat the process for the remaining 462 bars! UPDATE: I can copy the bar and perform the above on multiple bars at a time. Still, quite a lot of work!

I find that I can use force duration even on a bar rest*, so you don’t even need to enter a new rest. As long as the first rest in the selection has been fixed, a range of rests can then be removed.

*which may or may not make sense, but I’m glad it’s possible

BTW, welcome to the forum, David!


Thanks, Mark - that trick has made the job much easier!