Can you render in place (channel settings) to a specific track?

I can’t find a way of doing this, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible. Does anyone know of a way to do it? Or something that will otherwise make my workflow a bit easier?

I’ll use an example to illustrate precisely what I mean.

  • Let’s say I have an audio track, “GTR”, with a guitar recording, which has an amp sim as an insert.
  • For whatever reason, I now want to render the first half of the track.
  • So I divide the track in half with my scissors.
  • I then use Render Selection with Channel Settings, and Mute Source Events.

Cubase does what I want, and creates the track “GTR (R)”.

But later, I want to render the second part of this track.

  • So I run the same Render Selection.
  • What now happens is that Cubase creates the track “GTR (R) (01)”.
  • So I copy the audio from “GTR (R) (01)” to “GTR (R)”',
  • and delete “GTR (R) (01)”

Is there no way to just render the audio directly onto “GTR (R)”? I’d have no problem with Cubase in this case overwriting the send channels configuration, or even just ignoring it.


I’m sorry, there is no way.